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Vol. 19    No. 4    August 2009

Electrochemical behavior of Co-Cr and Ni-Cr dental cast alloys Viswanathan S. SAJI, Han-Cheol CHOE 785
Bi-Cu film deposition in aqueous solutions Hitoshi WADA, Yasuhiro NISHISAKA, Ryoichi ICHINO, Masazumi OKIDO 791
Preparation of TiAlN/ZrN and TiCrN/ZrN multilayers by RF magnetron sputtering Jong-Kook LEE, Gwon-Seung YANG 795
Nickel and nickel-phosphorous matrix composite electrocoatings Nicolas SPYRELLIS, Evangelia A. PAVLATOU, Styliani SPANOU, Alexandros ZOIKIS-KARATHANASIS 800
Effects of saccharin on microstructure and property of electro-deposited Ni-Fe alloys YU Jin-ku(于金库), WANG Ming-zhi(王明智), LI Qun(李  宭), YANG Jun(杨  俊), LIU Lian(刘 恋) 805
DLC coatings for hydraulic applications Luca NOBILI, Luca MAGAGNIN 810
Effects of zincate treatment on adhesion of electroless Ni-P coating onto various aluminum alloys Makoto HINO, Koji MURAKAMI, Yutaka MITOOKA, Ken MURAOKA, Teruto KANADANI 814
Effect of polyethylene glycol on electrochemically deposited trivalent chromium layers Joo-Yul LEE, Man KIM, Sik-Chol KWON 819
Influence of potassium pyrophosphate in electrolyte on coated layer of AZ91 Mg alloy formed by plasma electrolytic oxidation Jin-Young CHO,Duck-Young HWANG, Dong-Heon LEE, Bongyoung YOO, Dong-Hyuk SHIN 824
Characterization of plasma electrolytic oxide formed on AZ91 Mg alloy in KMnO4 electrolyte Duck-Young HWANG, Ki-Ryong SHIN, Bongyoung YOO,
Dong-Heon LEE, Deok-Yong PARK, Dong-Hyuk SHIN
Effects of plating factors on morphology and appearance of electrogalvanized steel sheets Hiroaki NAKANO 835
Formation behavior of anodic TiO2 nanotubes in fluoride containing electrolytes Byung-Gwan LEE, Jin-Wook CHOI, Seong-Eun LEE, Yong-Soo JEONG, Han-Jun OH, Choong-Soo CHI 842
Electrochemical behavior of dental implant system before and after clinical use Chae-Heon CHUNG, Hee-Jung KIM, Yong-Tae JEONG, Mee-Kyoung SON,
Yong-Hoon JEONG, Han-Cheol CHOE
Surface characteristics of HA coated Ti-Hf binary alloys
after nanotube formation
Yong-Hoon JEONG, Won-Gi KIM, Geun-Hyeong PARK, Han-Cheol CHOE, Yeong-Mu KO 852
Effects of TiN film coating on electrochemical behaviors of nanotube formed Ti-xHf alloys Kang LEE, Won-Gi KIM, Joo-Young CHO, Sang-Won EUN, Han-Cheol CHOE 857
Mechanical properties and corrosion resistance of low rigidity quaternary titanium alloy for biomedical applications Han-Cheol CHOE, Viswanathan S. SAJI, Yeong-Mu KO 862
Effects of electrolytes variation on formation of oxide layers of 6061 Al alloys by plasma electrolytic oxidation Kai WANG, Bon-Heun KOO, Chan-Gyu LEE, Young-Joo KIM, Sung-Hun LEE, Eungsun BYON 866
Effect of Y and Y2O3 on oxidation of AZ91D Mg alloys between 400 ℃ and 500 ℃ Sang-Hwan BAK, Dong-Bok LEE 871
Interface properties and phase formation between surface coated SKD61 and aluminum alloys Se-Weon CHOI, Young-Chan KIM, Se-Hun CHANG, Ik-Hyun OH,
Joon-Sik PARK, Chang-Seog KANG
Preparation of TiAl3-Al composite coating by cold spraying SHEN Li(沈 莉), KONG Ling-yan(孔令艳), XIONG Tian-ying(熊天英), DU Hao(杜 昊), LI Tie-fan(李铁藩) 879
Improvement of corrosion resistance of AZ31 Mg alloy by anodizing with co-precipitation of cerium oxide Salah Abdelghany SALMAN, Ryoichi ICHINO, Masazumi OKIDO 883
Effects of solution heat treatment on corrosion resistance of
5083F Al alloy
Seong-Jong KIM, Seok-Ki JANG 887
Surface characteristics of chemical conversion coating for Mg-Al alloy Masazumi OKIDO, Ryoichi ICHINO, Seong-Jong KIM, Seok-Ki JANG, 892
Corrosion and optimum corrosion protection potential of friction stir welded 5083-O Al alloy for leisure ship Sung-Hyeon PARK, Jong-Shin KIM, Min-Su HAN, Seong-Jong KIM 898
Effect of equal-channel angular pressing on pitting corrosion resistance of anodized aluminum-copper alloy In-Joon SON, Hiroaki NAKANO, Satoshi OUE, Shigeo KOBAYASHI, Hisaaki FUKUSHIMA, Zenji HORITA 904
Effect of W/C ratio and cover thickness on polarization characteristics of embedded steel in mortar Kyung-Man MOON, Sung-Yul LEE, Myung-Hoon LEE, Yun-Hae KIM 909
Flow characteristics of aluminum coated boron steel in hot press forming Jeong-Hwan JANG, Jae-Ho LEE, Byeong-Don JOO, Young-Hoon MOON 913
Laser surface hardening of AISI H13 tool steel Jae-Ho LEE, Jeong-Hwan JANG, Byeong-Don JOO, Young-Myung SON, Young-Hoon MOON 917
Selective laser melting of Fe-Ni-Cr layer on AISI H13 tool steel Byeong-Don JOO, Jeong-Hwan JANG, Jae-Ho LEE, Young-Myung SON, Young-Hoon MOON 921
Effects of thickness of Al thermal spray coating for STS 304 Min-Su HAN, Yong-Bin WOO, Seok-Cheol KO, Young-Jae JEONG,
Seok-Ki JANG, Seong-Jong KIM
Electrochemical characteristics of stainless steel using
impressed current cathodic protection in seawater
Seok-Ki JANG, Min-Su HAN, Seong-Jong KIM 930
Mechanical characteristics of fused cast basalt tube encased in steel pipe for protecting steel surface Jee-Seok WANG, Jong-Do KIM, Hee-Jong YOON 935
Laser transformation hardening on rod-shaped carbon steel by Gaussian beam Jong-Do KIM, Myeong-Hoon LEE, Su-Jin LEE, Woon-Ju KANG 941
Effect of Al coating conditions on laser weldability of Al coated steel sheet Jung-Han LEE, Jong-Do KIM, Jin-Seok OH, Seo-Jeong PARK 946
Dependence of characteristics of LaB6 films on DC magnetron sputtering power XU Jing(徐 静), MIN Guang-hui(闵光辉), HU Li-jie(胡立杰), ZHAO Xiao-hua(赵晓华), YU Hua-shun(于化顺) 952
Roles of humidity and heat treatment temperatures on YBa2Cu3O7−x coated conductors by trifluoroacetic acid-metal organic deposition process Seok-Hern JANG, Jun-Hyung LIM, Chang-Min LEE, Eui-Cheol PARK, Soo-Min HWANG,
Jun-Hyuk CHOI, Jong-Hyun SHIM, Jin-Hyun PARK, Won KIM, Jinho JOO
Mechanical and electrical properties of In-Bi solder at Bi2212 superconductor interface with annealed Ag spray layers and Ag precoating layers Seung-Yong SHIN, Ji-Hyun LEE, Hai-Woong PARK 961
Characterization of flexible copper laminates fabricated by Cu electro-plating process Chang-Min LEE, Jun-Hyung LIM, Soo-Min HWANG, Eui-Cheol PARK, Jong-Hyun SHIM,
Jin-Hyun PARK, Jinho JOO, Seung-Boo JUNG
Fabrication of two-layer flexible copper clad laminate by electroless-Cu plating on surface modified polyimide Soo-Min HWANG, Jun-Hyung LIM, Chang-Min LEE, Eui-Cheol PARK,
Jun-Hyuk CHOI, Jinho JOO, Hoo-Jeong LEE, Seung-Boo JUNG
Cr/nanodiamond composite plating with cobalt cation additive Viet-Hue NGUYEN, Thi-Nam HOANG, Ngoc-Phong NGUYEN, Sik-Chol KWON, Man KIM, Joo-Yul LEE 975
Effect of grain refinement on phase transformation behavior and mechanical properties of Cu-based alloy Gwon-Seung YANG, Jong-Kook LEE, Woo-Yang JANG 979
Evaluation of thermal sprayed coating using ultrasonic inspection by means of bottom echo back reflection Toshifumi KUBOHORI, Toru ITO, Wahidullah WAHI, Yasuyuki INUI, Toshiro IKUTA 984
First principles calculation of stable structure and adhesive strength of plated Ni/Fe(100) or Cu/Fe(100) interfaces Ryota NAKANISHI, Koji SUEOKA, Seiji SHIBA, Makoto HINO, Koji MURAKAMI, Ken MURAOKA 988
Evaluation of ring surfaces with several coatings for friction, wear and scuffing life Dae-Hyun CHO, Young-Ze LEE 992
Effect of process parameters on electrical, optical properties of IZO films produced by inclination opposite target type DC magnetron sputtering Do-Hoon SHIN, Yun-Hae KIM, Joong-Won HAN, Kyung-Man MOON, Ri-Ichi MURAKAMI 997
Silver-palladium alloy deposited by DC magnetron sputtering method as lubricant for high temperature application Jung-Dae KWON, Sung-Hun LEE, Koo-Hyun LEE, Jong-Joo RHA, Kee-Seok NAM,
Sang-Hoon CHOI, Dong-Min LEE, Dong-Il
Nanostructure and corrosion behaviors of nanotube formed Ti-Zr alloy Won-Gi KIM, Han-Cheol CHOE 1005
Surface functionalization of single-walled carbon nanotubes using metal nanoparticles Goo-Hwan JEONG 1009
Formation of unidirectional nanoporous structures in thickly anodized aluminum oxide layer Hyun-Chae NA, Taek-Jin SUNG, Seok-Heon YOON, Seung-Kyoun HYUN, Mok-Soon KIM,
Young-Gi LEE, Sang-Hyun SHIN, Se
Electrochemical characteristics of phosphorus doped Si-C composite for anode active material of lithium secondary batteries Jae-Hyun NOH, Kwan-Young LEE, Joong-Kee LEE 1018
Employment of encapsulated Si with mesoporous TiO2 layer as anode material for lithium secondary batteries Sang-Eun PARK, Bo-Eun KIM, Sang-Wha LEE, Joong-Kee LEE 1023
Purifying behavior of photocatalytic TiO2 anodized in nitrate ion containing solution Jin-Wook CHOI, Seong-Eun LEE, Byung-Gwan LEE, Yong-Soo JEONG, Han-Jun OH, Choong-Soo CHI 1027

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