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Vol. 19    Special 1    September 2009

Review of micromachining of ceramics by etching H. T. TING, K. A. ABOU-EL-HOSSEIN, H. B. CHUA 1
Optimum condition by mechanical characteristic evaluation infriction stir welding for 5083-O Al alloy Min-Su HAN, Seung-Jun LEE, Jae-Cheul PARK, Seok-Cheol KO, Yong-Bin WOO, Seong-Jong KIM 17
Friction stir welding of 5052 aluminum alloy plates Yong-Jai KWON, Seong-Beom SHIM, Dong-Hwan PARK 23
Surface treatment to improve corrosion resistance of
Al plate heat exchangers
Jong-Soon KIM, Tae-Ho KANG, In-Kwan KIM 28
Influence of cutting parameters on surface characteristics of cut section in cutting of Inconel 718 sheet using CW Nd:YAG laser Dong-Gyu AHN, Kyung-Won BYUN 32
Mechanical and electrochemical characteristics evaluation in annealing treatment for ship material Seok-Ki JANG, Young-Jae JEONG, Seong-Jong KIM 40
Electrochemical characteristics and surface morphology in non-chromate chemical conversion coating for Zn-electroplated steel sheets Masazumi OKIDO, Ryoichi ICHINO, Seok-Ki JANG, Seong-Jong KIM 45
Corrosion characteristics of steel in seawater containing various chloride concentrations generated by electrochemical method Seong-Jong KIM, Seok-Ki JANG 50
Effect of annealing on two different niobium-clad stainless steel PEMFC bipolar plate materials Sung-Tae HONG, Dae-Wook KIM, Yong-Joo YOU, K. Scott WEIL 56
Numerical simulation of temperature field in plasma-arc flexible forming of laminated-composite metal sheets SONG Wen-qing(宋文庆), XU Wen-ji(徐文骥), WANG Xu-yue(王续跃),
MENG Jian-bing(孟建兵), LI Hong-you(李洪友)
Densification simulation of compacted Al powders using multi-particle finite element method Kyung-Hun LEE, Jung-Min LEE, Byung-Min KIM 68
Influence of CaO on damping capacity and
mechanical properties of Mg alloy
Dong-In JANG, Jin-Kyu LEE, Dae-Up KIM, Shae-K KIM 76
Gas sensitivity of indium oxide HUANG Shi-zhen, LIN Wei, CHEN Wen-zhe 80
Electrodeposited Ni, Fe, Co and Cu single and
multilayer nanowire arrays on anodic aluminum oxide template
Bobomurod HAMRAKULOV, In-Soo KIM, M. G. LEE, B. H. PARK 83
Synthesis and microstructure of zirconia nanopowders by glycothermal processing Jun-Seop KIM, Dong-Hae LEE, Sung KANG, Dong-Sik BAE, Hoy-Yul PARK, Moon-Kyeung NA 88
Synthesis and characterization of Ba(CoxNb1−x)O3 nanoparticles byhydrothermal processing Hyun-Ju KIM, Min-Cheol CHU, Seong-Jai CHO, Dong-Sik BAE 92
Synthesis and characterization of metallic Pd embedded TiO2 nanoparticles by reverse micelle and sol-gel processing Jeoung-Ho JIN, Min-Cheol CHU, Seong-Jai CHO, Dong-Sik BAE 96
Characterization of MnWO4 with flower-like clusters produced
using spray pyrolysis
Somchai THONGTEM, Surangkana WANNAPOP, Titipun THONGTEM 100
Silica gel-assisted solvothermal production of CdS, CuxS (x=1, 2) and
 ZnS with different morphologies
Titipun THONGTEM, Chalermchai PILAPONG, Somchai THONGTEM 105
Environmentally friendly hybrid coating prepared by electro-deposition method at various seawater conditions Myeong-Hoon LEE, Kyung-Man MOON, Jong-Do KIM, Kang JUN, Kwang-Ho KIM 110
Comparative study on discharge conditions in micro-hole electrical discharge machining of tungsten carbide (WC-Co) material Hyun-Seok TAK, Chang-Seung HA, Dong-Hyun KIM,
Ho-Jun LEE, Hae-June LEE, Myung-Chang KANG
Antistatic coating material consisting of
poly (butylacrylate-co-styrene) core-nickel shell particle
Min-Yeong JEONG, Byung-Yoon AHN, Sang-Koul LEE, Won-Ki LEE, Nam-Ju JO 119
Detection of stacking orientation error of CFRP composite laminates using ultrasound waves Sun-Kyu KIM, David HSU, Young-Hwan SEO, Kwang-Hee IM 124
Mechanical properties of high-strength concrete subjected to high temperature by stressed test Gyu-Yong KIM, Young-Sun KIM, Tae-Gyu LEE 128
Evaluation of properties of concrete using fluosilicate salts and metal (Ni, W) compounds Gyu-Yong KIM, Eui-Bae LEE, Bae-Su KHIL, Seung-Hun LEE 134
Strain measurement of fiber optic sensor surface bonding on host material Shiuh-Chuan HER, Chang-Yu TSAI 143
Three-dimensional machining of insulating ceramics materials with electrical discharge machining Yasushi FUKUZAWA, Naotake MOHRI, Hiromitsu GOTOH,Takayuki TANI 150
Influence of process parameters on drilling characteristics of Al 1050 sheet with thickness of 0.2 mm using pulsed Nd׃YAG laser Dong-Gyu AHN, Gwang-Won JUNG 157
Influence of tool deflection on micro channel pattern of 6׃4 brass with rectangular tool Tae-Jin JE, Kang-Won LEE, Sang-Cheon PARK, Jae-Gu KIM, Doo-Sun CHOI,
Kyoung-Taik PARK, Kyung-Hyun WHANG
Sub-micron-structure machining on silicon by femtosecond laser Hung-Yin TSAI, Shao-Wei LUO, Chih-Wei WU, Shing-Hoa WANG 171
Rapid manufacturing of SiC molds with micro-sized holes using abrasive water jet Bo-Sung SHIN, Kang-Su PARK, Yeon-Kyoung BAHK, Sun-Ki PARK, Jung-Han LEE,
Jeung-Sang GO, Myung-Chang KANG, Cha
Measurement of metal vapor cooling speed during nanoparticle formation by pulsed wire discharge Yuu SHIKODA, Yoshinori TOKOI, Koji SUWA, Satoru ISHIHARA, Tsuneo SUZUKI,
Tadachika NAKAYAMA, Hisayuki SUEMATSU
Laser micromachining of CNT/Fe/Al2O3 nanocomposites Kwang-Ryul KIM, Byoung-Deog CHOI, Jun-Sin YI, Sung-Hak CHO, Yong-Ho CHOA,
Dong-Soo SHIN, Dong-Ho BAE, Myung-
Characteristics of machined surface controlled by cutting tools and conditions in machining of brittle material Yong-Woo KIM, Soo-Chang CHOI, Jeung-Woo PARK, Deug-Woo LEE 194
Structural stability estimation of whirling unit Son-Jae HWAN, Han-Chang WOO, Lee-Sang RYONG, Lee-Young MOON 202
Cutting force signal pattern recognition using hybrid neural network in end milling Song-Tae SEONG, Ko-Tae JO, Young-Moon LEE 209
Optimization of image capturing method of wear particles for condition diagnosis of machine parts Yon-Sang CHO, Heung-Sik PARK 215
Analysis and optimization of nitrile butadiene rubber sealing mechanism of ball valve Xue-Guan SONG, Lin WANG, Young-Chul PARK 220
Ultrasonic vibrating system design and tool analysis Kei-Lin KUO 225
Effective tool design of three-rank form as precision removal-process of ITO thin-films Pai-shan PA 232
Dynamic simulation of universal spacer in Dynesys dynamic stabilization system for human vertebra Sung-Min KIM, In-Chul YANG, Seung-Yeol LEE, Sung-Youn CHO 238
Easy calibration method of vision system for in-situ measurement of strain of thin films Jun-Hyub PARK, Dong-Joong KANG, Myung-Soo SHIN, Sung-Jo LIM,
Son-Cheol YU, Kwang-Soo LEE, Jong-Eun HA, Sung-H
Uniform surface polished method of complex holes in abrasive flow machining A-Cheng WANG, Lung TSAI, Kuo-Zoo LIANG, Chun-Ho LIU, Shi-Hong WENG 250
Structural optimization for ball valve made of CF8M stainless steel Xue-Guan SONG, Seung-Gyu KIM, Seok-Heum BAEK, Young-Chul PARK 258
Voltage-induced material removal mechanism of copper for electrochemical-mechanical polishing applications Sang-Jun HAN, Yong-Jin SEO 262
Development of single-action, two-step clinching system using finite element analysis Seong-Wook LEE, Tae-Hyung KIM, Geun-Jo HAN 266
Stud welding for fixation of cryogenic insulation of
membrane tanks in LNG ship building
Jeong-Soo LEE, Young-Soo RYU, Nam-In KIM, Bong-Joon KIM, Yoo-Kyung KIM, Myung-Hyun KIM 271
Crushing behavior of lightmass structural member Kil-Sung LEE, Yong-June YANG, Woo-Chae HWANG, In-Young YANG 276
Attaching single carbon nanotube on tip’s apex
 using dielectrophoresis of DC-pulse voltage
Hee-Jin JEONG, Yoong-Ho JUNG, Deug-Woo LEE 280
Application of direct laser metal tooling for AISI H13 tool steel Jae-Ho LEE, Jeong-Hwan JANG, Byeong-Don JOO, Hong-Sup YIM, Young-Hoon MOON 284
Machining characteristics of complex prism pattern on
 electroplated roll by copper
Tae-Jin JE, Sang-Cheon PARK, Kang-Won LEE, Yeong-Eun YOO, Doo-Sun CHOI,
Kyung-Hyun WHANG, Myung-Chang KANG
Characteristics of damaged layer in micro-machining of copper material Dong-Hee KWON, Jeong-Suk KIM, Myung-Chang KANG, Se-Hun KWON, Jong-Hwan LEE
Nano-precision combined process of electrolytic in-process dressing grinding and magnetic assisted polishing on optics glass material Tae-Soo KWAK, Yong-Chul LEE, Gyung-Nyun KIM, Dae-Bong CHOI,

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